after sales service

After-sales service is a very specialized job and we also entrust it to Parastavi Abi Arg specialized company, which since the beginning of 2004 has organized an experienced network of active after-sales service agencies while providing quality and appropriate services to citizens and customers. Iranian quality and standard inspection customers have repeatedly won the top rank in the field of customer satisfaction.

Brilliant background

We have been with you since 2004 and during these years we have tried to bring you the best. The result of our efforts during this period has led to the production and supply of cars with high quality and durable assembly. These include the Hyundai Verna and the Hyundai Avante. Also, the history of cooperation with the most reputable Chinese automakers, including Great Wall and FAW, shows the firm determination of Rayen automakers in offering the best to esteemed customers.

Regular structure and clear goals

We use all the facilities, facilities and agents available in Rayen Vehicel Manufacture COMPANY in a completely purposeful way to follow the clear path drawn in the future with the utmost confidence, so that it will ultimately lead to a pleasant feeling of satisfaction in you.

Respect for the principle of customer orientation

  Rayen Vehicel Manufacture  respect for the principle of customer orientation is not limited to sales and after-sales service of the car and continues from the moment of production of a car on the production line until it reaches the customer and after that. We value our customer service and not only do we not look at it as a cost but we consider it our most economical investment model.